Yash K.

North Carolina
Birth Date - May 25, 2008

Diagnosis - Biallelic Mismatch Repair Deficiency Syndrome 
Yash's Story

Yash began having bloody stools when he was 3-5 years of age. After multiple visits and tests to GI doctors, they did a colonoscopy. They found that he was having hemorrhagic polyps that were almost blocking his colon. Ever since then he has been having scopes every 6 months. 

When he had his scope in summer of 2016, they found him to have enough polyps that they performed a proctocolectomy. He had an ileostomy bag for 3 months and then had a second surgery for an ileostomy takedown. Since his takedown he has had intestinal motility disorder. We travel to Boston Childrens for treatment. He has been on a study to help with his motility issues. 

As a part of his genetic pre-disposition syndrome to cancer he needs to continue to be monitored every 6 months. He is currently continuing to experience severe episodes of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.  
Quilt was made by Cross Stitch Addicts group and gifted to Love Quilts USA for Yash. 
 "Yash has never been happier to get home to his bed. He LOVES his quilt and has been showing it off to everyone. He was SO very touched that random strangers from so many different parts of the country made a quilt just for him. He felt like they knew EXACTLY what he would have liked and it could not have been more perfect! He has already planned to have it with him when he travels for his medical care away from home.

As his parents we cannot thank you all enough for taking time away from your own life to dedicate yourselves to this art. We are so humbled and thankful to each of you. Following your page I’ve seen your true passion for perfection and your big heart to help others. We wish you all the very best of everything especially good health. ❤️"