Nicolas F.

South Carolina
Birth Date - February 3, 2005

Diagnosis - Optic Glioma
Nic's Story

We really didn't have signs of Nic's illness. His eye doctor recommend Nic take the field test for his peripheral vision, and he failed the peripheral part. We were referred to an ophthalmologist. He conducted another field test. Nic did a bit better that time, but when the doctor looked in his eyes he could see a mass. He requested we go to the Children's Hospital ER for a MRI. We didn't know what was going on or the severity of the mass the doctor was seeing. 

Nic was admitted after his MRI and discussions about surgery. He was scared and I was in shock! After more tests and more scans we spoke to a neurologist who checked him for other symptoms of a disorder associated with the mass and where it was located. Then the oncologist came in. After studying the scans, he said the mass was on Nic's optic nerve. When the word "cancer" came out, I was devastated. My oldest baby had cancer. We were all scared at that point. 

On August 2, 2017 Nic went in for his port surgery. He received his first round of chemo that evening. My 12 year-old son was scared to death of this medicine and how it made him feel. I wished I could take this from him. We have had an outpouring of love and support from our community. We ask all that pray to continue to pray!

UPDATE 3/8/18: Nic just finished 29 radiation treatments. An MRI will be done at the end of April or first of May. He had an Ophthalmology appointment a couple of weeks ago, and his vision has improved. His right eye went from 20/60 in December to 20/25 since having radiation. His field test for peripheral vision has improved as well .
Quilt was made by Cross Stitch Addicts group and gifted to Love Quilts USA for Nic
"He loves it. It's absolutely beautiful."