Brandon C.
Birth Date - June 30, 2005

Diagnosis - Medulloblastoma

Theme:  Realistic DOGS

Due Date: 4/1/18
Brandon's Story

Brandon had been experiencing headaches since about October 2016. The doctors and I assumed they were migraines and treated them as such. I took him to the chiropractor, massage therapist, and of course the doctor in order to help his headaches. Knowing that the correct eye prescription is important and not having that can cause headaches, I took him in for a eye exam. I mentioned that he had been having headaches. He looked more closely and then told me he saw Papplidema. I didn't know what that was and I asked what usually causes it. He said brain tumors can. My heart sank. Fear ran over my body. He told me to take Brandon straight to the ER.

I drove Brandon to the ER. His oldest brother Billy had an eye appointment that day also, and was with us. I went to the desk and told them what the eye doctor discovered. They took Brandon back right away and put us in a room. Brandon was taken for a CT scan. I will never forget what came next. The ER doctor came and asked me to step out of the room. I was met with the pediatric oncologist. Together they showed me a computer screen and told me my son had a brain tumor. All I could do was cry. The tears wouldn't stop no matter how much I tried to calm down. My heart was breaking.

They admitted Brandon into the PICU. That was May 12, 2017. Surgery to remove the tumor was set for the 15th ... the day after Mother's Day. That Mother's Day was the worst and the best in a sense. I was thrilled that I was with my kids. We made it a great day, even if we were stuck at the hospital. I was so beyond scared that it would be my last Mother's Day with Brandon. He is my baby, my youngest. No child, no parent deserves this diagnosis. 

The surgery lasted about 10 hours. The tumor was determined to be Medulloblastoma. For 2 weeks, he didn't talk. I was scared about this at first, but then realized all I wanted was my son to live. With speech, occupational and physical therapies, he has come a long way. As of November 1st, he has completed 31 days of radiation, 30 days of induction chemo and is on cycle 3 out of 6 cycles of maintenance chemo.