Mason T.
Birth Date - April 19, 2012

Diagnosis - Pre-B Cell ALL

Theme: Realistic Water Animals

(Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Manatees, Narwhals, Seals, Sea lions, Walrus, Hippopotamus, Platypus, Otters, Beavers, Sharks, Sea turtles, Octopus, Angel fish, Clown fish)

Due Date: 12/1/18

Mason's Story

Mason's preschool teacher started noticing that he was pale and not acting like himself and brought it our attention. He also started regularly spiking fevers over the course of a couple months. We just thought its was a nasty flu that was refusing to go away. We decided to take him to get checked out by his pediatrician. The preliminary diagnosis was anemia, but they also wanted to do further blood tests just to eliminate anything more serious. If the results came back with anything, we should be expecting a call within a day or so. Two days later we received the call that changed our lives forever. Leukemia ...

A week after his 5th birthday, in April of 2017, Mason was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and he began the battle of his young life. Our family quickly adjusted to the new normal: medications, clinic visits, hospital stays and all the side effects that come along with chemotherapy. When Mason did not go into remission during his initial induction phase of treatment, he was classified as being "very high risk," with the next phase of treatments being that much more severe. Mason has received innumerable lumbar punctures and 7 hospital stays, while maintaining an amazingly positive attitude. His biggest gripe is that he isn't able to eat his favorite food in the world: nigiri sushi!

Mason is fighting like a super hero and we marvel everyday at how strong and brave he is. Mason cannot wait to go into the maintenance phase of treatment so that he can finally begin kindergarten!

JULY UPDATE: Mason was able to return to school in March and finish his kindergarten year with his new friends. He is currently doing well in his maintenance phase. This summer, he is enjoying taking swim lessons and hopes to join our local kids swim team this fall.
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1. Ginny H - ID - SC's Nature's Companions - Beavers - Pg 20 - Pond w/ 2 beavers building a dam
2. Sandra P - FL - JC's Wild & Weird - Walrus - Pg 13-14 - Upper body out of water
3. Sandy G - VA - cross-stitch-pattern.net - Caribbean Shark - NA - Breaking thru water
4. Sharon H - UK - Etsy HeartlandHouseDesigns - Regal Angelfish - NA - Swimming left
5. Karen B - PA - Cross My Heart's Ocean Animals - Manatees - Pg 12-13 - 2 adults swimming w/ baby
6. Jeanne O - TX - Alaskan Originals - Sea Otter - NA - Floating on back
7. Joyce H - VA - Cross My Heart's The Ocean - Flame Angelfish - Pg 19 - Swimming thru coral
8. Gail S - MD - Vanishing Species - Seal - Pg 17 - Head thru ice w/ fish in mouth
9. Debbie S - AL - Cross My Heart's The Ocean - Dolphin - Pg 12-13 - Partly out of water
10. Gwenda L - FL - Vanessa Steel Wildlife Series I - Loggerhead Turtle - Pg 9 - Swimming upward, shown from below
11. Ellen S - NZ - SC's Sea & Sun - Dolphins - NA - 2 jumping from water
12. Bonnie W - WA - JC's Wild & Weird - Hippo - Pg 3-4 - Wallowing in water w/ reeds
13. Susie K - WA - Jayne Mayhew Cross Stitch Animals - Baby Turtles - Pg 80-83 - Multiple babies on the sand
14. Pam R - WA - Etsy HeartlandHouse - Clownfish Anemone - NA - Facing left
15. Julie L - PA - Artecy.com - Mini Clownfish 2 - NA - Swimming thru seagrass
16. Chris H - MN - cross-stitch-pattern.net - Octopus - NA - In water
17. Amanda P - NJ - Jayne Mayhew Cross Stitch Animals - Orca - Pg 100 - Breaching
18. Lisa T - AZ - Wild Babies - Baby Harp Seal - Pg 7-8 
19. Kaye S - OK - Paul Brent leaflet - Hatching Turtles - Pg 1 - 3 baby turtles headed to the sea w/ bits of egg shells on the beach
20. Lisa B - NY - pic2pat.com - Narwhal - NA - Swimming under water