Lucy S.
Birth Date - December 4, 2014

Diagnosis - Diffuse Astrocytoma

Theme: Unicorns & Mermaids
No "Little Mermaid" (Ariel)  

Due Date: 10/1/18

Lucy's Story

Lucy was diagnosed with a brain tumor on November 17, 2016. She was a late walker and had developed a head tilt which prompted our pediatrician to send us for an MRI. She had a 10 hour brain surgery four days later to remove the tumor. The pathology report came back as a Diffuse Astrocytoma, and she began chemotherapy in March 2017. Chemo was planned to continue into the Spring of 2018. 

Following the surgery, she spent months learning how to sit, stand, and walk all over again.
​Lucy continues with weekly physical and occupational therapy to regain and improve balance and coordination. Unfortunately there is 2/3 chance of recurrence, and she was monitored closely. She had MRIs every three months to watch for new tumor growth.

Scans this April 17th showed no new growth, and Lucy's doctor  felt comfortable with how much chemo she had received and the results of the scan. She had her port removed on April 24th. The first few years have the highest rate of recurrence so she will be monitored with routine MRIs every four months. She’ll also stay on oral medication for another few months until her immune system rebuilds.

On May 1st we had Lucy's "End of Chemo" party. She is still working hard at regaining balance and learning how to run and jump like a typical toddler. We know things can change and relapses occur, but we are optimistic about the future. She is here and thriving and loved by so many people. And for that we are beyond grateful. 
"Thank you to you all for these amazing quilts you make for our kids. Lucy's Mermaid and Unicorn quilt is stunning. Each square is unique, and knowing they are stitched with love makes it even more beautiful. Lucy loves it, and this is something she can hold on to forever."