Kyler W.
West Virginia
Birth Date - January 16, 2015

Diagnosis - Wilms Tumor

Theme: Ohio State Football 
(DMC 666 for Red & 318 for Gray in designs) 

Due Date: 10/1/18

Kyler's Story

When Kyler had his 2.5-year wellness visit in July 2017, his pediatrician felt something hard in his stomach. He was sent to the hospital, and tests revealed he had Wilms Tumor. Kyler underwent a 9-hour surgery the very next day. They removed the tumor, his right kidney, adrenal gland, and a piece of his liver. Kyler was in PICU for one week and started chemotherapy a week later on August 8th. 

After some hardships, Kyler finished treatment the middle of January. His last scans were clear. He is still struggling with neuropathy and pain causing a lot of falling and discomfort. He is starting to thrive more in his education and we've applied for him to start a private preschool in August.

 Kyler has shown so much strength during all of this. He is still a very sweet, funny, and loving child, but just dealing with everything takes a toll on his little body. Kyler is starting to gain back the weight he lost and getting stronger every day. We have all our faith in God and thank him for holding our little boy in his arms!

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. It is more than what we could have ever imagined! Kyler loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it since we received it. Thanks again."