Trinity F.
Birth Date - June 4, 2003

Diagnosis - Stage 3 Dysgerminoma

Specifically: Hawaii, New York, California, Florida, Illinois & Wisconsin  

Due Date: 8/1/18

​Trinity's Story

Trinity was diagnosed on Thanksgiving day 2015. She underwent emergency surgery to remove both ovaries and a football-size mass in her uterus. She had 4 cycles chemotherapy, and we thought she was cancer free.

  Six weeks later her cancer recurred on the right side of her abdomen. She had surgery in July 2016 to remove a tumor and had hipec chemotherapy at the same time. In September 2016 she had a autologous stem cell transplant. She was in the hospital 32 days. Eleven months later, in August 2017, we found out the cancer had recurred again on the left side of her abdomen. October 3rd, 2017 she started chemotherapy again, and had surgery on November 23rd to remove a tumor and lymph nodes. She started her 3rd cycle of chemotherapy on December 13, 2017. 

Trinity had a passion for food, makeup, travel and dogs. As a nearly 15-year-old girl, she has missed going to school for 7th, almost all of 8th grade, and now 9th grades. She is a true fighter and has remained positive throughout all surgeries, treatments, and procedures.
"Trinity is in love with the quilt! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who did their part in making this wonderful quilt."