Ensley O.
Birth Date - November 25, 2002

Diagnosis - Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

Theme: Whimsical Owls - NO Realistic, Tribal or Art Deco  

Due Date: 7/1/18

​Ensley's Story

Ensley is a beautiful 15-year-old HistioWarrior with Pituitary LCH. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis is a rare cancer that can appear in a multitude of different ways and in different locations. Ensley's LCH appears in her brain on her pituitary stalk. We live in Louisville, Kentucky, but travel to Houston to see her LCH specialist, 
Dr. Kenneth McClain.

Her first symptoms appeared at age twelve: excessive thirst, delayed puberty and growth, weight loss, thyroid dysfunction, inability to stay warm, fever and nausea. At age thirteen, an MRI showed a 1.7cm tumor that required her to travel to Houston for a biopsy/craniotomy to be able to properly diagnose.

Ensley has now undergone 22 months of four different chemotherapies, and she is still going! Her tumor is already reduced by 2/3, and we are hopeful to soon get the news that she is NAD (no active disease), or maybe even NED (no evidence 
of disease).

Ensley loves high school and girl scouts, and she can't wait to get cleared for volleyball once her port is out in 2018! She loves her Tibetan Terrier, her two cats, doing art and music therapy, and watching makeup tutorials. She has kept her spirits high throughout this battle. We are appreciative for the many blessings we have received from groups like yours.

**Update: On January 19, we learned that Ensley's tumor is gone! The last chemo got the job done, and she now has no evidence of disease (NED). Not only is the tumor gone, her doctor decided she has had enough chemo and will not need the oral maintenance chemo we anticipated she would have over the next 6 months to a year. We couldn't be happier to move to the monitoring phase every 3 months and hopefully having her port out at the end of April.