Tristan V.
Birth Date - September 10, 2015

Diagnosis - Medulloblastoma

Theme: Paw Patrol   

Due Date: 7/1/18

​Tristan's Story

At the beginning of June 2017, Tristan stopped walking. I took him to the doctor's numerous times over the next two weeks, but didn't get any answers. Tristan's health was declining. He was grabbing at his head and screaming "ow", vomiting, slowly losing his balance, and had a wandering eye.

I took him to Boston Childrens Hospital on June 19th. They ordered an MRI for the next morning. June 20th he went in for a 90-minute brain and spine scan. The results showed he had a cancerous brain tumor that had spread to his spine.

On June 21st Tristan underwent a 10-hour brain surgery. They were able to 
remove all of the tumor. The diagnosis was Medulloblastoma. He finished his 
5th round of Chemotherapy in early December, and will be undergoing High 
Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant on December 13th. 

Although Tristan turned 2 years old during his 3rd round of chemo and has had many ups and downs, he is such a happy little boy. He is a true fighter. My little superhero!

UPDATE on 3/1/18: 
Tristan had his stem cell Transplant on January 2nd. He has been home from the hospital for over a month now. He is doing great. He has an upper respiratory infection right now and isn't feeling well, but he is home and doing alright so far. March 2nd he will be off his 60 day isolation.