Bristol S.
Birth Date - July 7, 2013

Diagnosis - ALL B-Cell


Due Date: 6/1/18

​Bristol's Story

Bristol was having arm pain in September 2015. The day I took him to the ER he was sick, had a fever and couldn't get out of the bed. When we took him in they did labs and his white blood count was extremely high. They said he was either anemic or he had a blood cancer.

They sent us to Childrens Hospital where they did further tests. The results came back that he had Leukemia. With treatment, he went into remission 29 days later. 

Bristol will be in treatment until January 2019. He was going twice a week for treatments, but now goes once a month. We have had many hospital stays. He takes chemo at home every night and multiple other medicines. He is a little champ that never complains about anything and is so strong.