Paige R.
Birth Date - March 26, 1998

Diagnosis - Thyroid Cancer
Paige's Story

Paige was diagnosed when she was 16. She had been having dizzy spells and had passed out a couple of times. Her pediatrician sent us to a specialist, and a mass was found in her thyroid bed. They removed her thyroid and some parathyroid tissue. We were told it had spread into the lymph nodes in her neck.

 Her last CT scan showed some small spots in her chest. They are going to watch her chest closely. She was given radiation iodine treatment that unfortunately didn't work for her. We were told that sometimes your body can be resistant to it. Her doctors have her on a high dose of meds to suppress the cancer. She is having a really hard time with the meds because they suppress her thyroid so much that she sleeps a lot. 

Paige has given back so much to others fighting cancer. Last year she raised money and held an event to give back to others who have helped her. Those include Ronald McDonald House, Make-a-Wish and Relay for Life. We travel from Florida to Houston, Texas every 6 months for treatments. She would love a quilt to be able to sleep with and take with her on those trips.

"Thank You"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my quilt! I absolutely love it! I think it's so amazing how much time and love is put into making each quilt and I think it's so unique that it comes from all over the world! Thank you again!!"