David R.
Birthdate: February 15, 2015

Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
David's Story

In April 2016 Davey had an ultrasound of his head because it was measuring large. He was 14 months old when we learned he had Hydrocephalus caused by a cyst in the back of his brain. 
 Since then he has had 8 brain surgeries ... including the placement of a go shunt and two revisions in less than a year. Davey also had Bacterial Meningitis. He spent nearly two months in the hospital in the Spring of 2016, and has had three admissions since then. 
 He is the strongest little boy I know. Despite all his medical issues, he continues to amaze us with how far he has come. 

"Davey loves his quilt! He keeps asking me to "wrap him up" in it! It is just beautiful and we are so grateful for all that Love Quilts USA does. What a gift and reminder of how much goodness and love is in the world. This will be traveling with us to CHOP on Thursday. Thank you!"