Robert S.
Birth Date - November 10, 2000

Diagnosis - Brain Injury
Robert's Story

Robert was a rambunctious, smart boy of 12 when tragedy struck. He was out selling candy bars for school and was hit by a pickup truck. When we arrived on the scene, Robert had no pulse or heartbeat. After several minutes, the paramedics were able to get both back. 

He was flown to Evansville, Indiana by Life Flight. There we were told he would not survive the night. He was then flown to Kosairs Childrens Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky where he underwent surgery to remove half his skull to allow for brain swelling. We were still unsure if he was going to survive.

During that first week, he had 3 more surgeries. He was still alive but very critical. Robert was in ICU a total of 105 days, and in a coma 47 of those days. He had inpatient rehab for 3 months. He came home unable to talk, walk or eat. 

It has been 4 years now and he still doesn't talk, walk, eat, smile or anything. He has suffered a traumatic brain injury and may never be like he once was. He has had a total of 13 surgeries and there are more to go. Our life has been turned upside down along with his, but we are grateful we still have him. 

"Thank you for this amazing quilt for Robert. It fits him well and will definitely be used a lot."