Andy V.
Birthdate: March 10, 2008

Diagnosis: Gastroparesis
Andy's Story

 Andy was born via C-Section at 35 weeks. He was 6 pounds and 18” long. ​From the beginning he developed some feeding problems, and when he turned 2 he was diagnosed with GERD.

After many years fighting with his feeding problems, in 2014 he spent almost a year in the Children's Hospital here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His doctors decided Andy needed surgery for a G-Button (Gastrostomy Button). In 2015 he got his Nissan Fundoplication to fix his GERD problem. That surgery was successful and his problem with reflux is now very well controlled. In 2016 after many tests, he was diagnosed with severe Gastroparesis. Due to this, the doctors decided to change his G-tube to a GJ tube. We are waiting on his next surgery in November to fix his Gastroparesis problem.

Meanwhile, Andy enjoys playing with his friends and attending school. He is in 4th grade. He loves to play video games and basketball. ​We are thankful to have our little warrior with us! He is a true fighter!

"Thank you you so so much for Andy's quilt. He got it today and he absolutely loves it! It is so beautiful. Thank you so much!!! Few words can express our appreciation."